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  • 16/01/2020

    Amtest Group and X-Treme Series sign exclusive distribution agreement

    Amtest Group and X-Treme Series sign exclusive distribution agreement covering Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria. See more details

  • 31/10/2019

    Cyberoptics joins the Amtest family

    Amtest Group and Cyberoptics sign co-operation agreement covering all Amtest territories to promote and support the cutting-edge 3D technologies offered by this American market leader. See more details

  • 07/10/2019

    Amtest Group opens new facility in Botvegrad, Bulgaria

    Amtest Group opens new facility in Botvegrad, Bulgaria – showcasing Nordson Asymtek selective coating, Nordson Select selective soldering and collaborative robots from Franka Emika. See more details

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Auto Dry Cabinets

X-Treme Series

X-Treme Series is an engineering company with numerous technical capabilities that designs and manufactures dry cabinets for use in various sectors as well as a wide scope of specialized products in the fields of electronics.

Auto Dry Cabinets

Auto Dry Dehumidification cabinets are the latest technology solution in the fight against moisture. The main advantage they bring is their plug-and-play nature and the fact that once you plug in the cabinets they virtually work by themselves after that point.

You adjust the temperature and humidity levels you require and it does the rest without the need for any consumables. This makes uninterrupted protection an easier feat to accomplish as it lowers the chance of human error as the need for constant supervision is eliminated from the process as well as saving time in the form of less man hours required.

Our Auto Dry Cabinets use our patented state of the art Dryer units which provide industry leading dehumidification speed, they regenerate themselves without any user intervention and only when they need to. When you need the best combination of speed, resolution, accuracy and ease-of-use for inspection and metrology for SMT applications, count on CyberOptics for premier process control solutions. CyberOptics systems can find critical defects and measure critical parameters, in order to fix what can be found and control what can be measured – the ultimate solution, particularly for the most challenging applications.

The SQ3000™ Multi-Function system offers a combination of unmatched accuracy and speed with the industry-leading Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) sensor technology that meticulously identifies and rejects reflections caused by shiny components and surfaces. Effective suppression of multiple reflections is critical for highly accurate measurement, making the proprietary MRS technology an ideal solution for a wide range of applications with exacting requirements.


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